The ARC-1850 is a fully regulated stud welding power supply manufactured in the USA by Pro Weld International. It is available in two versions, a single gun and dual gun version, both of which have the constant output feature which allows powering external stud welding control units. The weld time and current can be selected and displayed on the displays before beginning the weld process. The special electronic gun control circuit prevents gun retriggering and damage to the printed circuit boards when a fault condition occurs, such as a shorted gun solenoid or faulty control cable.


Dimensions 26”H X 24”W X 33”D
Weight 500 lbs
Output 1850 amps at 45 VDC
Duty Cycle 12 GA - 5/8" Unlimited
Input 230/460/575 VAC 3 Phase 60 Hz
Fusing 200/100/90 Delay Type
Time Control Stepless Adjustable 0.1 - 1.6 seconds
Current Control Stepless Adjustable 100 - 1900 Amps
Optional Input 220/380/415 VAC 50 Hz